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Feb 09, 2019 | Mike Basque | 628 views
Novice DS Joker Poker
The Novice DS team will be around the rinks this weekend and next selling cards for our Joker Poker.  $20 gets you a card on the board.  OVER HALF OF THE CARDS HAVE PRIZES.

Our three grand prizes include:
A Bud Light Red Light
an Official Zack Hyman Jersey
An Upper Deck Prize pack full of items including a jersey, stadium seat, backpack, and many more items.

The full list of prizes is below:
  1. bud light red light
  2. Upper deck pack
  3. Hyman Jersey
  4. Rawlings Heart of the Ride Cap
  5. Maple Leaf’s Cap
  6. Maple Leaf’s Cap
  7. Rawlings Black and White Cap
  8. Chicago Cubs Cap
  9. Sportsnet Cap
  10. Pro Hockey Life Cap
  11. Sherwood Cap
  12. True Rivalry Hockey Cap
  13. Girls Lacrosse Stick
  14. Girls Lacrosse Stick
  15. Clark T-shirt
  16. Gretzky T-shirt
  17. Sportsnet T-shirt
  18. Sportsnet String backpack
  19. Rawlings Hoodie
  20. Water bottle
  21. HHOF Calendar
  22. ken Reid book
  23. 2 HHOF tickets
  24. 2 HHOF tickets
  25. 2 HHOF tickets
  26. 2 HHOF tickets
  27. 1 HHOF VIP Family pass for up to 4
  28. 1 HHOF VIP Family pass for up to 4
  29. 1 HHOF VIP Family pass for up to 4
  30. 1 HHOF VIP Family pass for up to 4
  31. Captains series game jersey cards
  32. Diesel Men’s Aviators
  33. Chuck Taylor Brown Stripe Sunglasses
  34. Converse Matte Black Sunglasses
  35. Guess Sunglasses
  36. Converse Gold Mirrored Sunglasses
  37. Guess Women’s black and gold Sunglasses
  38. Guess Women’s black and blue Sunglasses
  39. Cavelli Sunglasses
  40. Leaf hockey puck
  41. Leaf hockey puck
  42. Zip up BMW MINI headphones
  43. Zip up BMW MINI headphones
  44. Zip up BMW MINI headphones
  45. Zip up BMW MINI headphones
  46. Zip up BMW MINI headphones
  47. Zip up BMW MINI headphones
  48. Skate guards
  49. Canadian Tire Towel
  50. Canadian Tire Towel
  51. Puck Bag
  52. Mouth Guard
  53. Franklin Ball bag
  54. Sportsnet Coffee Mug
  55. Waterbottle

Prizes will be awarded after our Family Day game, or the following weekends.

Please sign your name, phone number, and team Number to simplify prize distribution.
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